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Park + Roll Calendar wins Gregor Calendar Award

The Park + Roll Calendar, developed in a research project with students of the master programme Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies at the WWU Münster and BA-students from the Münster School of Design – University of Applied Sciences, has been prized with Gregor Calendar Award in silver in Stuttgart on the 25th January 2018.

This award is tendered by the Graphic Club Stuttgart e. V., the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Association of Printing and Media of Baden-Württemberg e. V.. The jury selected the winning calendars within more than 800 submissions from Germany and other European countries as well as from Japan and Israel.

The honoured calendars are displayed at Haus der Wirtschaft, Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19 in Stuttgart until the 11th of February 2018 from 11am to 7pm. Admission is free. Afterwards the calendars will be shown in an exhibition at the Regierungspräsidium in Karlsruhe from the 23rd February to the 18th March 2018.

The project under the directon of Dr. Anne Caplan (WWU Münster) and Prof. Claudia Grönebaum (FH Münster) was funded by the WWU Münster Seminar for Folklore Studies/European Ethnology and the Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer as well as from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the STI Group and the WWF Verlags Gesellschaft mbH.

Gregor Calendar Award 2018, awardee listing and award ceremony in Stuttgart, 25th of January 2018


Reel houses: Film screenings and lectures at Cinema (Münster), October 2016 till February 2017
On the one hand: The one-family house symbolizes dreams of home, wealth and respectability. It represents the gender order of a happy family – husband drives to work by car, wife takes care of the children, does the laundry and prepares meals. In their garden they enjoy a private piece of nature. The own house is a safe investment. On the other hand: The single family home is unflexible and stuffy. The individuality, promised by the sales promotion for prefab houses, is realized in always the same rooms, where also the neighbours would find their way in the dark. One income is not enough anymore, and the children always need to be taken somewhere by car. The immense investment of public funds as the housing allowance, commuter allowance and the municipal building area development distributes the societal wealth to the benefit of the prosperous middle class. Reel houses shows films and documentary material around pleasure and discomfort in the single-family home. (concept and organization of the project seminar in the BA programme Cultural and Social Anthropology: Sebastian Thalheim)
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Summer semester 2016 and winter semester 2016/17
"Reel houses. Populäre und dokumentarische Vorstellungen einer Lebensform" (Popular and documentary visions of a way of life) Project seminar in the undergraduate programme Cultural and Social Anthropology, module 4
Course as PDF (German)

On February the 1(st), 2017 the last contribution of the film screenings „Exhibition" (Joanna Hogg, 2014) was shown with an introduction by Alina Kreimeier at Cinema Münster.

Poster design: Lydia Lahr & Nils Hölscher
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017
Photo: Lea Helene Kaumanns, 2017

Winter semester 2016/17
"Automobile Wohn(t)räume. Carports in Suburbia"
Project seminar in the graduate program Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies, module 5
Exhibition and lecture at the conference “Mobilität in der Krise?” (“Mobility in crisis?”) at LVR-Freilichtmuseum Lindlar and development of a calendar in cooperation with Münster School of Design – University of Applied Sciences, Münster
Flyer program Lindlar as PDF

The exhibition „Der Carport: Von fliegenden Bauten und ruhendem Verkehr“ (“The carport: flying buildings and stationary traffic“) was shown by students of the WWU Münster and the Münster School of Design from November 30th till December 9th 2016. Affiliated to the conference of the LVR-Freilichtmuseum Lindlar “Mobilität in der Krise?“ (“Mobility in crisis?“) (30.11-1.12.2016) selected works, developed in summer semester 2016 in cooperation with "Exhibition Design Institute" of the PBSA Peter-Behrens-School of Arts of the University of Düsseldorf, were shown again. Graphic concepts for a cultural-historical calendar about carports, which were developed in winter semester 2016/17 with students of the Münster School of Design of the University of Applied Science Münster under the direction of Prof. Claudia Grönebaum, were part of the exhibition. Furthermore student Rike-Kristin Liebsch of the graduate programme Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies of the WWU Münster gave a lecture about “Vergleichsweise immobil – Familie und Geschlecht in der Autowerbung, 1950 // 2000” (“Comparatively immobile – Family and Gender in Car Advertising, 1950 // 2000”) in line with the conference.

The calender will be presented in this year’s summer at the caport festival in Ledde (NRW).

Newspaper article by Westfälische Nachrichten, January 23th 2017 about the caport festival

Photo: Dr. Anne Caplan
Photo: Dr. Anne Caplan
Photo: Dr. Anne Caplan

Summer semester 2016

„Automobile Wohn(t)räume. Carports in Suburbia“
Project seminar in the graduate programme Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies, module 4 and 5
Course as PDF (German)

„Vorstadt Ausstellen“  – Automobile Wohn(t)räume
On 6th July 2016, students from Münster and Düsseldorf opened a workshop presentation about carports & garage at Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster.

Teaser: Studierende des Instituts Exhibition Design der Hochschule Düsseldorf
Foto: Rike-Kristin Liebsch B.A.
Foto: Rike-Kristin Liebsch B.A.
Foto: Rike-Kristin Liebsch B.A.


Dreaming of the single-family house located in idyllic green areas is today bound to the carport or garage. Especially suburban regions stand out due to the higher rate of cars per inhabitant, compared to urban regions. Students of the Seminar for Folklore Studies/European Ethnology at the University of Münster and the Exhibition Design Institute at the PBSA Peter-Behrens-School of Arts (University of Düsseldorf) cooperated on the topic "Automobile Dwelling Dreams. Carports in Suburbia". Dr. Anne Caplan from Münster and Professor Stefan Korschildgen as well as Professor Uwe J. Reinhardt from Düsseldorf accompanied for the project.

The students' results including photographs and installations were presented in an exhibition entitled "Vorstadt ausstellen" from 6th to 8th July 2016 at Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster.

Within their projects, the students did not only reflect on individual suburban (auto)mobility, but also took in consideration the culture of parking around the single-family home as well as the carport or garage as a space of everyday myths and as a place of multi-purpose use. The range of topics included the building history of outbilding, garage and carport, the history and development of suburbia in Germany and the USA as well as the governmental building regulations and their subversion.

Advisory Board 

The advisory board accompanies the research association. The mentoring by experts in architecture history and architecture theory, design anthropology, house research and monument preservatrion, museology, resource management, environmental history and economic and social history deepens and extends the horizon of our work. 

Ass. Prof. Dr. Kathrina Dankl
Studio Dankl/Wien u. Design School Kolding/DK

Dip. Ing. Stefan Rethfeld
Architect and journalist, Münster

Prof. Dr. Mark Spoerer
Chair of economic and social history, History Institute, University of Regensburg 
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Dr. Thomas Spohn
Architect and Folklorist, building and house research, Dortmund 
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Prof. Dr. Heike Weber
Technology and environmental history / gender history, Bergische University of Wuppertal 
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Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Klaus Jan Philipp
Institute for Architecture History, University of Stuttgart
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Jörg Bernhard
Manager STILBRUCH-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg

Prof. Nicola Lepp
Professor for Culture and its Mediation, FH Potsdam
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